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Montana Sapphires

Kirsten Atmekjian - Thursday, July 19, 2018

Montana sapphire geological formationIs it peacock blue? Is it teal blue? It's Montana Sapphire Blue!

Montana is North America's top producer of gem-quality sapphires. In southwestern Montana there is a mountain range known as the "Sapphire Mountains". In addition, the sapphire is one of Montana's state gemstones (a designation it shares with agate).

What's special about Montana sapphires is their colours. Some of the most unusual and beautiful colours of sapphires come from Montana. When you're looking for a unique gemstone, you can't go wrong with a Montana sapphire.

Always a popular gemstone in engagement rings, sapphires are a naturally durable stone, easily lasting a lifetime of wear and tear. While diamonds may be tops on the hardness scale, sapphires and rubies (same mineral, different colours) are just behind them. Of course, you also get the benefit of the sapphire's unique and beautiful colour.

An often overlooked element of gemstones is how and where they were mined. Gemstones are valuable and human greed has led to mining practices harmful to people and the environment. Montana sapphires are considered an ethically superior choice since their supply chain is easy to trace and are guaranteed conflict-free.

High quality sapphires are rarer than similar quality diamonds, so will increase in value over time more than diamonds. But the real reason to consider purchasing a Montana Sapphire for a engagement ring (or any other piece of jewellery), is to enjoy the pure beauty of the stone. Come in and check this one out today!

Montana Sapphire Ring Close Up

An Engagement Ring With Secret Powers!

Kirsten Atmekjian - Friday, February 17, 2017
SuperFit Engagement Ring

Many people have fingers that are narrower than their knuckles. This could be hereditary, but could also be caused by an injury to the finger or arthritis. Whatever the cause, putting a ring on can be painful. And, once the ring's on, the ring itself will often spin around the finger with the stones facing down and the plain part of the band always at the top. That takes the joy out of wearing a ring.

Fortunately, there are options that can deal with this issue. One of the best we've found is a patented design called the Superfit from a company in Philadelphia. The Superfit is a shank (back part of the ring) which we can order in different karats of gold and in different widths so we can create a custom ring with secret powers!

If you look closely at the picture to the right, you'll see some lines near the midway point of the ring. While these lines are easy to see in an enlarged photo, they're hardly visible when you're wearing the ring. To create this custom engagement ring, we fused the Superfit shank with a custom designed face (the top side of the ring) to create a custom ring that opens wide around the finger. No more painful attempts at putting a ring on or taking it off.

What does this look like when it's open? Kind of like this.

The Superfit Engagement Ring - opened

As you can see, the Superfit shank lets the ring open up to make it easy to slip the ring onto a finger. To open the ring, you press the tip of a ballpoint pen or a similarly pointed object into a button on the shank. This allows the release of the lock. To close the shank, just press firmly until you hear it click into place. Once the band is closed securely, the shank is completely smooth and comfortable. This gives you a custom, tailored fit without having to sacrifice comfort or style.

If you have an existing ring that is giving you comfort issues, it may be possible to add the Superfit shank to your ring. Just give Ken a call (905-227-5412) and ask him about the possibilities. 

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