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New from Nikki Lissoni

Kirsten Atmekjian - Friday, October 28, 2016

Nikki Lissoni necklace, pendant, coin combo

Nikki Lissoni is a European jewellery brand focused on providing women with high quality, affordable, interchangeable jewellery that allow women to embrace their inner strength and values.

How Nikki Lissoni pendants workWe carry the Nikki Lissoni line of necklaces, pendants and interchangeable coins. This unique system lets you customize your jewellery to reflect how you feel and what you want to show the world.

Nikki Lissoni silver friendship coinAll Nikki Lissoni jewellery is plated with a thick layer of gold, silver or rose gold. Using skin-friendly materials, all pieces are nickel-free. Coins, pendants, bracelets, charms and bangles may also include leather, semi-precious stones, pearls, mother of pearl and Swarovski Elements.

A special ceramic coating protects your jewellery against minor damage and tarnishing. All that’s needed for cleaning is a soft cotton cloth.

This is jewellery that you can change up depending on your outfit, how you feel, or who you'll be spending time with. Visiting mom? Change your pendant's coin to a "Love You Mom" model. Hanging with friends? Switch in the friendship coin. Need something with more sophistication? Swap in another coin. The sky's the limit!

Nikki Lissoni Show Me The Way coinNikki Lissoni Stardust CoinNikki Lissoni Vintage Love Coin

Where Does My Old Gold Go?

Kirsten Atmekjian - Monday, September 26, 2016

Old Jewellery, Gems & GoldWhen you've got broken jewellery, or an old piece that is repurposed into something new, what can be done with it?

In the jewellery world, there are the two Rs: Reuse and Recycle.

Precious metals have a monetary value based on their weight. If you have an old ring you no longer want, you can bring it to a jeweller and find out what grade the precious metal is and how much it's worth. For example, gold is graded by karats. 24 karat gold is pure gold. Then there are varying grades, the most common being 18, 14 and 10. Each of these lower grades has a percentage of other metals mixed in with the gold. How much? To find out simply divide the karate weight by 24. For 14 karat gold, it is 58.3% gold by weight. 

Gemstones are a slightly different matter. Over time, the facets on a gemstone can wear down. Instead of being crisp, the edges become rounded. If the gemstone is large enough, sometimes it can be re-cut or re-faced. This is a time-consuming process and it's generally not worth it for smaller stones.

If you've got some old jewellery you're not sure what to do with, come in and see us. We'll be happy to let you know the options available to you.

From Old to New - Eternity Diamond Ring

Kirsten Atmekjian - Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Tale of Two RingsYou're unique. You have your own taste, style, likes and dislikes. Jewellery is perhaps one of the most personal of style choices.

A customer came to us with a diamond and emerald ring she'd inherited. It wasn't a style she loved. She had a beautiful diamond ring in a classic style that she loved and wore all the time. Would it be possible to take the diamonds from the ring she'd inherited and turn her beloved ring into an eternity style band?

Ken had a look at both rings to see what they were like. The diamonds in the emerald ring were slightly smaller than the ones in her own ring. Still, Ken felt that it could be done.

To the right is the customer's diamond and emerald ring, being compared in size to the ring being updated. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Into the wax we go!Our customer's existing ring had a band of diamonds straight across the top in a very classic style with a gold shank (back part of the ring). To convert the ring to an eternity style, the shank had to be cut off. The golden shank would be used to create the settings for the new portion of the ring.

Jewellers use carving wax to create one-of-a-kind pieces using the Lost Wax Casting method. When the wax model of the ring is complete, it is carefully sprued (adding one or more tubes to the model to pour molten metal through) covered in investment (a type of plaster) and cured in a kiln. This process burns off the wax, hence the name Lost Wax Casting. When the mold is cured, it's ready for the molten metal.

Our customer came in at this point to try her wax ring on for size. This was her favourite, beloved ring, and we'd essentially cut it in half. Ouch.

The original diamond and emerald ring.

It was probably a shock to see it like this. However, getting the sizing right wasn't an option.

Before the carving took place, Ken needed to remove the diamonds from the customer's existing ring. These are the diamonds that would be set into the new part of the ring. 

Next came the carving.

Each diamond required a new setting to be carved. These settings not only had to fit the new diamonds, but they also had to match the original settings while holding smaller diamonds. Furthermore, they also had to be the right size to that the ring would fit properly on our customer's finger. Not an easy feat!

The next picture shows the ring from various angles, focusing on the new settings for the diamonds that would be added soon.

Several views of the ring's settings

With an infinity style ring, sizing is tricky. Most rings have a shank made of solid gold. If the ring is a little small or large, the shank can be cut and gold taken away or added to change the size of the ring.

For this ring, the shank was removed, so the ability to re-size the ring was taken away. Each setting had to be just the right size and also had to match the settings from the original part of the ring.

Doing this work by hand takes time, patience, special tools and lots of  experience.

The next photo shows the ring with each setting carved out. The diamonds needed to be hand set into the settings and the whole piece evaluated for size, balance and overall esthetics. Once Ken was happy with the settings, the ring was prepared for the Lost Wax Casting.

Below is the finished custom-made infinity style ring. Our customer was thrilled with how it turned out! The new diamonds blend seamlessly alongside the originals, making beautiful use of the stones from the ring she inherited.

Inheriting a piece of jewellery that doesn't suit your personal sense of style can be challenging. Someone wanted you to have that heirloom piece. Transforming a piece of jewellery into something that brings you joy is what we do at Steadman Jewellers. Over the years we've created thousands of unique rings, pendants and other pieces of jewellery for our customers.

We invite you to drop in and see how we might be able to bring some more joy into your life.

Custom-made Diamond Eternity Style Ring

From Wax to Wonderful!

Kirsten Atmekjian - Thursday, July 21, 2016

This beautiful white and yellow gold ring was custom made for a customer who wanted something special to wear to her daughter's wedding.

Our customer came to us with an older ring with beautiful stones, so she and Ken worked together to create something unique.

The shank (back of the ring) is made of 14K yellow gold and the top is made of white gold. The creation process involved Ken hand-carving the main design of the ring from a solid block of wax. The wax version was used for the fitting, after which the mold was created and the metal poured. Once the main body of the ring was formed, Ken added hand-wrought flourishes around the gems for a unique touch.

You'll notice the ring is slightly square-shaped. This is both practical and stylish. The ring is more visually noticeable because of the shape, and it also doesn't spin as much as a round ring would.

The wedding went off without a hitch. We don't want to say that our customer's ring took the spotlight, but she says she gets so many compliments about it. She's thrilled with the result.

We're happy to have brought such joy to our customer with this custom ring. If you're looking for something truly unique, consider paying us a visit and see what we can create for you!

Excuse Me, but Your Wrists are Naked

Kirsten Atmekjian - Friday, July 15, 2016
Chrysalis stackable bangles

We are now carrying Chrysalis stackable bangles. This British jewellery brand's creations celebrate the joy found in love and friendship. The stackable bangles allow wearers to create their own unique combinations to celebrate their special relationships.

Bangles and bracelets are both wrist decorations, but they differ in their styles and origins. Bangles originated in southeast Asia and are most prominent in Indian and Pakistani culture where they carry a great deal of cultural significance for women. Brides-to-be are often gifted with bangles. A bangle made of precious metals such as gold or silver signifies prosperity and good fortune. Bangles made of green glass signify fertility and prosperity. It is considered inauspicious for married women in Indian culture to have bare arms. A bangle is usually circular in shape and is either solid or has a solid piece of material at its core.

Bracelets originated in Egypt. As opposed to a solid bangle, a bracelet can be flexible and usually features a clasp of some sort to connect the two ends together. Because they are not solid, it is usually easier to adjust the size of a bracelet.

Chrysalis stackable bangles are designed to be size-adjustable so they can be easily fit regardless of the size of your wrist. They can be worn individually but their design also allows them to be stacked, so you can create your own unique style. Each Chrysalis bangle has its own symbolism. For example, the Endless Love bangle is based on a Celtic lovers knot. Two hearts are entwined with no beginning or end, representing everlasting love and the eternity of life. The Virtue bangle features a feather motif, symbolizing truth, freedom, virtue and hope, symbolizing your freedom to move through life with a light heart and clear mind.

Come on in and learn more about the Chrysalis bangle collection and enjoy this fashionable way to celebrate what's important in your life.

Happy Independence Day

Kirsten Atmekjian - Monday, July 04, 2016

Canadian Flag

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends!

We wish everyone a safe, happy and joyous long weekend of celebrations!

Happy Canada Day!

Mark Kawabe - Friday, July 01, 2016

Canadian Flag

Today is the 149th anniversary of the founding of Canada. Happy birthday Canada!

We wish everyone a safe, happy and joyous long weekend of celebrations!

Shiny Threads of Gold

Kirsten Atmekjian - Thursday, June 23, 2016

If you thought gold leaf was neat, gold thread's even moreso. Gold also happens to be extremely ductile, meaning it can be stretched into a very long gold thread. One ounce of gold can be drawn into a thread which is 8 km long!

Gold has been used in embroidery for millenia. The art of embroidering using metal threads is known as Goldwork, even if the metal used isn't gold. Originating in Asia,  Goldwork has been prized for the way light shines off the clothing. It was often used for royalty, military and religious clothing, as well as for artwork.

If you have some clothing that contains goldwork, enjoy it! Cherish it! But whatever you do, don't wash it unless absolutely necessary! The metal threads are very delicate and can't withstand frequent washing.

We hope you've enjoyed this fun fact about gold!

How to Get Thin and Look Great

Mark Kawabe - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Gold Leaf on a Woman's Face

Gold is the most malleable element we know of, meaning it can be hammered into thin sheets.

One ounce can be hammered into a sheet over 300 feet2 (27.9 m2) in size.

The process of making gold leaf hasn't changed much since the Egyptians started creating it 5000 years ago. The work is largely done by hand with a hammer. When gold leaf is finished, it can be as thin as 1/250,000 of an inch.

Gold is an amazing element, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Great Balls of Fire!

Kirsten Atmekjian - Monday, June 20, 2016

Meteorites brought gold to earth!

Did Jerry Lee Lewis know?

Scientists have concluded that the majority of gold on Earth came to us from the stars. You got it. Humanity's favourite metal for jewellery and all things shiny originates from beyond the stars.

During the time of the Late Heavy Bombardment around 4 billion years ago, the Earth and other planets in our galaxy were struck by a very high number of asteroids and meteorites. Much of the gold in the Earth's crust is thought to have arrived with these asteroids. In other words, great balls of fire brought gold to Earth before Great Balls of Fire went Gold for Jerry Lee Lewis.

Who knew?

Drop in and see Ken work his magic with our favourite shiny space dust!

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